The Various Military Shadow Box Designs

Military shadow box designs are many to choose from but the best choice will really depend on the items for encasing. Through the years, these boxes encase medals or flags that honor our military, making them enduring gifts for military people and families regardless of military branch. It is a way of honoring military servicemen and women of their achievements and legacy of service for our country. The designs of these boxes are quite interesting. Traditionally though, they are made of finely crafted wood in a stately neat cherry finish to hold and showcase these items in honor of military heroism.

Options In Military Shadow Box Designs

Designing a shadow box of the military kind is done with some basic steps. I actually thought it to be pretty complicated at first but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. I first had to decide on the size of the box. This depended on the items that I planned on storing in the box. As such I settled on a 24 by 15 inches standard size to store military pins, patches and medals. The size of the box will have a different box frame for flags. Traditional designs come in will be the basis of the boxes dimensions for depth, height and width. The most common designs are of the ship’s wheel, badge shape and master sergeant stripes.

Box Interior

For the furnishing of the interior, I used a uniquely fine cushion velvet material to conveniently be able to post the medals and patches. A friend also suggested the inclusion of the military fatigue which is actually a good idea especially if the box’s size permits. I considered using one and pinned the medals and patches on the fatigue instead. It is also important to engrave some important information on the front glass panel. There are professional engravers that can do this service and put the name, date of service and other salient information. This puts a very personal touch to the box and along with its contents can be a great conversion starter when displayed at a visible place.

Military Shadow Box Design Details

One of the important purposes of the box is to keep military items for posterity so it is important that its contents be protected from dust and other harmful elements over the passage of time. However the box in itself needs protection for the purpose as well. Thus I used nickel clasps latches of the finest quality to avoid tarnishing as time passes. These final details are important to give the box an elegant look that befits its contents. I also had to consider the fact that this will be displayed on a very prominent place wherever it may be so it should be stately enough to hold these items with some much history and honor to them.

Giving Honor

9801421-a1The box not only holds memories and accomplishments, it also holds a lot of experiences of people that have served our country. When it is given to men and women in uniform it is a way of saluting them for their invaluable contribution. It is also a remembrance of a wonderful and honorable career. Thus making the box from among the military shadow box designs and putting the effort it deserves is a beautiful thing.