Guidelines For The Military Shadow Box Builder

A military shadow box builder can be found at military specialty shops, but anyone with a sense of dimension and courage can do something like this anytime. This box is what the military uses to showcase career achievements and give honor to the men and women in uniform. Traditionally it holds flags, medals, patches, and even fatigue uniforms. From this tradition, some people today use the concept of a shadow box to store and showcase other personal items for themselves or as a gift idea.

But such military practice has been so permanent that some families whose relatives have fought for the past World Wars still have the military boxes of their heroes. The box is passed on from generation to generation and while its purpose is to commemorate career history and heroism, it brings so much more because it also encases a significant part of the country’s history. Such inspiration indeed triggered me to make one, of course with a few guidelines that are relatively easy to follow.


First Steps For A Military Shadow Box Builder

The first thing to decide on is the size which really depends on the contents of the box. For burial flags it is traditionally fine by nine which I got from a folded flag. I got the dimensions for bottom horizontal, diagonally folded flag. I sketched the shadow box on paper using the available measurements. I used this as a layout for the box and also as point of reference.


The Wood

The next decision to make is the kind of wood. In this case I went for an eight inch long oak wood to allow room for mistakes. I then cut it to the size of the dimensions framing the square and providing a frame around the wood’s periphery. I then placed the picture-hanging hardware at the unit’s back side then proceeded to work on the section divers. I nailed the molding strips on the layout. I could’ve also used glue. Then I sanded the surfaces to make it smooth until I was satisfied with the grid. Then I painted and sealed the wood.


Military Shadow Box Builder’s Aesthetic Choices

I made sure to set aside the items that were going in the box even before the whole process began. I also had an idea of where each items should be placed already. Thus this step came quite smoothly. However, even if their placements had been pre-determined, I still considered switching some items around for aesthetics purposes. It is always important to consider the best options and to decide based on what I see at the moment. I cut Velcro strips according the size of the memorabilia items and put them accordingly. These small efforts will indeed go a long way especially on the part of the recipients because so much of the box houses an amazing bit of the person’s life.


Giving The Box

209431-438xFrom generation to generation, military men and women pass on stories of their experiences and accomplishments during their stints in the military. Whether they are good or bad, these topics make for fine and interesting stories. While I too enjoy listening to these stories, I have often felt that there is so much more behind what these people are telling and that they do need to be honored or shown gratitude. One such beautiful way to do so is by being a military shadow box builder and giving them the box.